Peace Medical Center provides X-Ray services to all patients in our Greenville and Simpsonville locations

Upon arrival for your appointment, our technologist will walk you through what to expect during your visit  

To perform your X-Ray, the technologist will assist you onto the exam table or chair, depending on the position and view needed for the image, a plastic cassette will be placed under or behind the area of the body to be imaged and when it is time to take the picture, and our technologist will ask you to hold still for a few moments in order to capture the optimum picture

The cassette will then be removed and taken to be processed,  you may be asked to repeat this process several times, depending on how many views are required 

The length of the visit for one x-ray is  about 15 minutes, however, with 2 or more body parts,  you may expect the visit to take a bit longer depending on how many views and positions needed

Once your x-ray(s) has/have been taken our technologist will assist you off the exam table and ask you to stop by the front desk to ensure your follow visit has been scheduled