Skin Cancer Screening And Mole Check

Skin cancer screening or mole check is a visual mole and lesion exam of your full body
We examine birthmarks and any other suspicious marks that are unusual in size, color, texture and shape

A screening and mole check are recommended for patients 20 – 40 years old, every 3 years
Patients over 40 years of age are  recommended to have a skin cancer screening once a year

Each year we will update your medical record with any known moles, birthmarks, or skin abnormalities
If these appear to have grown in size or change in color, your provider will have a discussion with you on possible treatments of the affected area

You can also check for moles or changes in your skin from the comfort of your own home
Using a handheld mirror, you can monitor your skin, here are some hints of what to look for:

  • Any mole that is symmetrical and not round in shape
  • The color of the mole changes
  • Any changes in the size of a known mole
  • Notate any new moles


Be sure to discuss any of the above with your provider at your next visit