Women’s Health

Peace Medical Center provides Primary Care Women’s Health services

Board certified Internal Medicine Physicians and Board Certified Nurse Practitioners provide care in a patient centered environment extending ongoing support and education to female patients to manage the changes that occur throughout their life  

Women’s Health at Peace Medical Center covers a broad spectrum of women’s health needs and gynecological care that does not include obstetrics

We will connect you with an  OB-GYN when specialized care is needed

A yearly physical exam is recommended for women

The yearly exam will include a vaginal examination but may or may not include a pap-smear, depending on the advice from your provider as they will take into account your personal history, sexualy activity, and age when making the determination on whether or not a pap smear is needed

During your physical exam expect your provider to discuss with you the importance of mammogram screenings

Mammograms are recommended on a yearly basis

During this physical exam it is important to discuss family planning options, birth control if needed, and any other reproductive health questions you might have

Sexual health concerns such as screening for sexually transmitted infections, sex education and therapy may also be discussed

Be honest with your provider, ask questions, we are here to educate you on best practices to follow

Other topics such as your overall health, diet, exercise and smoking cessation if applicable will be discussed during your yearly exam as well


Women’s Health at Peace Medical Center not only covers vaginal examination, pap smears and preventative testing but we can also address chronic bladder issues or urinary tract infections

These issues can take a toll on a woman’s body, call Peace Medical Center at the first sign if a urinary problem exists


Peace Medical Center can also help answer your questions and provide medical care to help during this phase of a woman’s life

Our providers at Peace Medical Center can offer a wide variety of treatment and preventative care related to Women’s Health

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