Sports Physicals

What is a Sports Physical?

A Sports Physical is a pre-examination to certify a child is safe and healthy to participate in a sport 

A sports physical does not take the place of the annual physical exam Plan to schedule your sports physical at least 6 – 8 weeks prior to the start of the season so any out lying conditions can be addressed

What is Included in a Sports Physical?

The sports physical is meant as a clearance for people 18 years of age and under to participate in a sports program


While most athletes are anxious to start the season, certain assessments should be considered:


  • The student’s general health and fitness level
  • Screening for existing illnesses or injuries
  • Help to detect any conditions or factors that could increase your athlete’s risk of injury
  • Management of existing chronic medical conditions
  • Encourage safe participation strategies and prevent injury

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Sports Physical Examination

Be prepared to share both your medical history and physical examination

Your provider is signing off on your health and wellbeing to participate in a sport

Expect the following:

  • Review of your Immunization history
  • Discussion of your diet, what and how much are you eating
  • Any recent weight gain or loss that is unexplained
  • Any history of asthma or breathing problems
  • Any known heart problems and/or family history of heart problems and how severe
  • History of dizziness or fainting during physical activity
  • Review the history of fractures, broken bones, head concussions, etc…
  • Review any current medications
  • Discussions of the use of any drugs, alcohol, performance enhancing supplements
  • Mental History and discussion of current status

Physical examination includes:

Listening to the athlete’s heart, lungs, vision exam, abdomen and skin examination, measuring the muscles flexion, tension, range of motions and strength

Once the physician has completed the sports physical, a determination will be made on the athlete’s eligibility to participate in the sports

If the physician approves, the necessary documentation will be completed.  If further testing is required to confirm the student’s eligibility, those tests must be completed prior to the physician certifying the player for participation

Peace Medical Center offers Sports Physical Monday through Friday at all 3 of our locations or on Saturday in Simpsonville

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Please note that most insurance companies will not cover a Sports Examination however Peace Medical Center offers competitive rates to ensure your athlete is physically and mentally fit to participate in the school sports program.