Renal Vascular Evaluation

During a Renal Vascular Ultrasound, pictures of the blood vessels in the kidneys, called the renal arteries, are taken.  Over time these arteries may become narrowed or blocked by the buildup of plaque.  If left untreated, the kidney could begin to fail or cause high blood pressure 

A Renal Vascular Ultrasound is ordered for:

  • Unexplained Kidney problems
  • Indications of early signs of kidney failure

During the Renal Vascular Ultrasound, the sonographer will place a small amount of gel on the back close to your kidneys

The transducer will be placed on your back and relay pictures back to the ultrasound machine of your kidneys, focusing on the arteries found there

These pictures will be transferred to a Radiologist to read the pictures and provide a report to your doctor

Once received the doctor will provide the results at your follow up visit