Primary Care

What is a Primary Care Physician?

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are your first call for medical care

You call your PCP for routine appointments, physical, wellness exams, continuous care for chronic conditions, and for sudden onset of sickness or acute injuries

At Peace Medical Center our Primary Care Providers believe that to live a healthy life is more than just visiting the doctor when you are sick, we are a healthcare team designed to guide you to a healthy lifestyle, supporting you all the way through screenings, wellness exams, medication adherence, guidance on diets and physical activity, and to ensure you keep routine appointments

Updating your medical record periodically through the year with your PCP is important as it provides opportunities to identify anomalies in your health early on, so any adverse diagnosis can be treated in early stages

When to see your Primary Care Physician

  • When it’s time for your annual exam
  • When you’re due for your immunizations such as the flu, Prevnar and Pneumovax vaccine
  • When you’re feeling sick or under the whether
  • When you have questions or concerns regarding your health
  • To follow up on chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, COPD, and other chronic illnesses

How to make the most out of your visit with your PCP at Peace Medical Center

  • Write down any questions prior to your visit to ensure that they are answered at the time of your visit
  • Bring ALL your medications to your office visit
  • Have an honest conversation with your PCP

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