Joint Injections

Living with an inflammatory disease such as arthritis can sometimes be debilitating, but we are here to help!

At Peace Medical Center, we want to get you back to being active and pain free

Peace Medical Center offers joint injections as an alternative medicine to oral medications or orthopedic consultations for joint pain

By providing joint injections as an option, we have seen results last weeks and even months

Before starting the injection therapy a consultation will be held with your physician
Injection plans will be based on your medical history and can include adding in a weight loss plan if necessary, stretching exercises, and activity modifications

We offer two types of joint injections:

·  Corticosteroid Injections, also known as cortisone injections, are the traditional injections given with the onset of joint pain
This injection is covered by most health insurance plans

·  Viscosupplement Injections, also known as gel injections, are available at Peace Medical Center for chronic knee pain

Gel injection medications include Supartz, Orthovisc, Monovisc, Euflexxa and others 

The type of gel injection used will be based on your insurance plan preferred medication listing (Formulary) and may need a pre-authorization

A patient care coordinator and authorization specialist will work with  you through the authorization process and approval.

Each viscosupplement injection follows a dosing series as directed by the manufacturer.
Viscosupplent series may be of 6 injections,  3 injections, or just 1 injection, depending on what the preferred medication your insurance plan approves.
Your physician will talk with you on how many injections will be needed when your injection therapy plan is created.

Discounted patient pay pricing is available for all joint injections if your insurance plan does not cover these or you don’t have health insurance.

Joint injection appointments are available Monday – Friday in our Greenville and Simpsonville locations.