Holter Monitoring

What is a Holter Monitor ?

A Holter Monitor is a small, battery-operated device that records the electrical activity of the heart over a 24-hour period.

Such activity includes how fast the heart is beating, the rhythm of the heartbeats (steady or irregular) and the strength and timing of the heart’s electrical impulses.

Holter Monitors are typically ordered to evaluate the cause of symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, fatigue, or palpitations.

An appointment is required with our technician for placement of the Holter Monitor. 

 Please wear loose clothing and refrain from applying any lotions or oils to the chest cavity.  The technician will provide guidance on approved activities while wearing the monitor, you may ask the technician any questions you might have during Holter placement.

Where and how is the Holter placed?

5 electrodes will be applied to your chest with wiring connecting to the Holter device.  The monitor is typically worn for 24 hours but could be worn longer or shorter if deemed necessary by your doctor.

After the required recorded time has ended remove the electrodes from your body, return the Holter Monitor device and leads to Peace Medical Center.

A follow up visit should be scheduled to discuss the results with your doctor