Heart Catheterization

When a Cardiac Workup reveals a Heart Catheterization is required, the Cardiologist will schedule an appointment with a Cath lab at one of the local hospitals.

The Heart Catheterization is used to evaluate or confirm Coronary Heart Disease, Valve Disease, or to determine if Coronary Stent or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery is required.

During a heart catheterization, a heart catheter is placed into the leg or arm which is then guided with the help of a special x-ray machine through your blood vessels to the coronary arteries.  Once at the heart, or coronary arteries, a contrast material is injected into the heart. An x-ray video is created to watch the contrast material as it passes through the heart’s chambers, valves, and major vessels.

This contrast will help illuminate any blockages in the coronary arteries 

The heart Catheterization is an outpatient procedure but will require a responsible party to be with you to drive you home