Clinical Staff

Clinical Staff

Follows all Federal, State, HIPAA, including FDA, CDC, OSHA and CMS rules and regulations. Prepares, researches, and ensures accurate data is recorded in the chief complaint or for transition of care with confirmed medical record test, labs, referrals, etc., consistent with medical documentation in the eClinicalWorks medical management system (ECW) for the provider to assess and treat the patient. Under direct supervision of provider, assist them with procedures within the scope as a clinical Medical Assistant, this entail but not limited to, injections, diagnostic labs and procedures (pap smears, pregnancy tests, vaginal swabs, IFBOTs). Liaison between provider and patient’s health care team including outside facilities and other provider’s offices. Medical scribing and completion of providers notes into ECW on a timely basis.


  • Follows all Federal, State, HIPAA, CMS and SC DHEC rules and regulations
  • Reviews patient charts that are on the schedule before patient’s appointment
  • Takes patient vitals and documents them in the ECW system
  • Assists provider with in-office procedures within the MA’s scope and documents in patient’s chart, such as administrating injections, diagnostic labs, pap smears, pregnancy test, vaginal swabs, IFBOTs
  • Scribes notes from provider and finishes notes as needed and by the end of the workday
  • Communicates between provider and patient’s health care team
  • Assist in workflow of patients through ECW system
  • Stocks exam rooms and checks for cleanliness and organization, as well as identifies material needs and reports these to clinical materials ordering staff
  • Ensures that Biohazard materials are disposed correctly and are secure


Sitting up to 8 hours per day, 4 hours at a time. Continuously fingering and handling for data entry, typing, etc. and occasional twisting and turning. Uses upper extremities for occasional lifting and carrying up to 10 lbs. Frequently stoops, bends, or reaches above shoulder level to retrieve files. Hearing as it relates to normal conversation and telephone. Seeing as it relates to general vision. Visual monotony when reading reports and reviewing computer screens.

Position: Primary Floor MA

Job Summary: Reviews patient charts, rooms patients, takes and records patient vitals, assists providers with in-office procedures, scribes notes, communicates with patient healthcare team, completes tasks as indicated Stocks and cleans rooms as needed, disposes of Biohazard material

Qualifications: HS Diploma, preferred Certified MA

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