If sleep apnea is confirmed on the HBST or Polysomnogram, then a sleep titration for CPAP may be recommended.

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.

The CPAP Study is much like the Polysomnogram except this time in addition to the electrodes your Certified Sleep Technician will be fitting you with a CPAP mask to wear while you are asleep.  This mask will cover your nose and mouth.  The mask will then be attached to a hose leading to the cpap machine.  Once turned on the cpap machine will provide a positive airflow to you, adjusting as you sleep to help keep your airways open, control your snoring, and thus lessen your apnea during the night.

The preparation needed for a cpap titration mimics that of the first night sleep study.

The Certified Sleep Technician will gather the data received through the electrodes and cpap machine, compile this into a report which is then given to you sleep provider.

The data will be analyzed, and results given to you at your cpap titration follow up visit