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Naveen Saxena, MD, FACC

Board Certified Cardiologist and Internist

NCQA certified for Cardiovascular and Stroke Care 

Dr. Saxena is a board certified Cardiologist who has dedicated his practice to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and risk factors of cardiovascular disease. He has practiced in Greenville, South Carolina for more than 15 years. Dr. Saxena wholeheartedly believes in the importance of the holistic approach to prevention while actively treating the existing disease aggressively. His special interest has been the affect of sleep on heart disease and on the entire human physiology and pathology. Multiple research projects have been designed and executed by him and his team. To his credit he has presented these studies at multiple national conferences. On the personal front his passions include debating many a topic with friends and family. Reading and traveling are the other great joys in his life besides his family.

Vinita Srivastava, MD Board Certified Internist and Sleep Specialist

Dr. Srivastava has practiced in Internal Medicine since finishing her residency from Greenville Hospital System. Her internship at the University of Illinois and her training in India have made her a complete physician. She is very caring and has great empathy. Dr. Srivastava very actively promotes the concept of a balanced physiology. Balance is created by doing our part. Our Part consists of five basic ingredients which are eat right, hydrate correctly, sleep well, exercise to maintain and create balance and lastly manage the internal and external stress. She, along with Dr. Saxena, has participated in many research projects focusing on sleep, heart disease and metabolism. She envisions herself as a champion of those who are challenged due to disadvantages of genetics and metabolism to achieve their health and balance.

Nomita Joshi, MD
Internal Medicine

NCQA Certified for Diabetes care 

Dr. Joshi did her medical education in India and her training in Pathology and Internal Medicine in Brooklyn, New York. She treats common medical problems and offers patients preventive care and disease prevention strategies to help them maintain a healthy life style.

Govind Rughani, MD
Internal Medicine

NCQA Certified for Diabetes care 

Dr. Rughani received his medical education in India and trained in Chicago, Illinois in Internal Medicine. He is a board certified Internist who specializes in the diagnosis, management, and non-surgical treatment of medical problems as well as helping patients understand preventative medicines. He’s been practicing medicine and living with his wife and two children in the Greenville area since 1993.


Additional Providers:

Milena Lombardi, DO 

Nitin Gaikwad, Internal Medicine 

Deborah Jenkins, MN, WHNP-BC