After a Sleep Consultation, a HBST may be prescribed for you to better help diagnose your sleep condition. The HBST is a convenient way to monitor your sleep in the comfort of your own home.  Some insurance companies may even require this form of sleep testing over the laboratory test if there are no known comorbidities, heart conditions or pulmonary disease

At the consultation, a HBST appointment will be made with our technician to discuss and illustrate how to operate the HBST machine and placement electrodes. 

This appointment is scheduled during normal business hours and a single night study done in the comfort of your home.

The HBST will record your sleep activities. 

The HBST should be returned to Peace Medical Center the day after testing. 

The technician will then download your sleep report and provide this to your Certified Sleep Physician.

Results will be given at your follow up visit with your Sleep Provider and a course of treatment will be discussed.