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Meet the Staff: Dr.Mark Heran

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What our patients have to say about us:

Dr. Saxena is the best physician I have ever had and I am 65 years old. Being a registered nurse, I have worked with many physicians for many years, but never have I seen one as caring, patient, respectable, dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable as Dr. Saxena. He goes beyond the norm to find out what the problem is and then sets forth finding the solution. He always explains in detail every procedure and test. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed in finding Dr. Saxena. Insurance: Humana
Online Review
I really do trust Dr. Saxena with my life and I am thankful of his concern for my welfare.
Claude McKinney, Patient
I just want to express my gratitude for the excellent care I received at your office. The providers really hear what a patient is saying and are proactive enough to ask relative, leading questions. Bottom-line: Your reputation for excellent care […] is well-deserved.
Susan Manchester, Patient
They explained all the risks and benefits of my treatment options. Everything was explained in detail, all my questions were answered, and I felt a lot better about choosing a treatment plan.
Online Review, Patient
Dr.Saxena helped me get my life back. I had undiagnosed Lyme Disease for an entire year that was spent going to dozens of doctors all the while getting sicker and never getting properly diagnosed. I took a semester medical leave of absence from college. It wasn't until I visited Dr.Saxena that a test for Lyme Disease was ordered, to which I tested positive. Under his care and antibiotic treatment, I slowly regained health. I owe it to him that I got my health back on track and my quality of life went from very poor to great again. Under his care he also suggested removing a mole that I would have never thought twice about. It turned out it was malignant melanoma. It was removed before it had spread outside the mole, so once again Dr.Saxena had a major impact on the well-being of my future. I recommend Dr.Saxena to anyone I come across, especially those that are having trouble getting answers to mysterious medical situations that others doctors have been unable to properly solve. Insurance: Assurant
Online Review
God bless you all so very much for helping me during a time of health crisis. Dr. Saxena, thank you for coming to see me in the hospital, and thank you all for your hard work and thoughtfulness!
Prudence Cohenn